Products Hezar Aluminum Factory

Casting and Rolling

Taking advantage of the latest technology, in Casting & Rolling Factory we manufacture diversified and high quality certified products. Here, we supply different kinds of foils, sheets, and coils ranging from the thickness of 7 microns to 7 mm with various alloys. The factory includes Melting & Casting lines, Cold rolled sheet, Intermediate and final annealing furnace, Cutting and Isolation devices & Paint and primer sets.

Converting Factory

.In Converting Factory we manufacture diversified and High-Tech products. Here , we supply printed lacquer in different sizes, Pharmaceutical Blister packaging, Paraffin foil containers for food, Household Foil,Two-layer, Three-layer and four-layer laminates,Doy-pack lamination, Sachet, paper reinforcement products, Pharmaceutical & food strip pack, bottles and cans Labels, cable wrapping, butter wrapping, chocolate wrapping & cigaretteswrapping.

Factory Aseptic

Taking advantage of the latest technology, in Aseptic Factory we manufacture diversified and high quality certified products. Here, we supply long-lasting 5-layers papers required in size of 200, 250 CC, Triangular and 1 liter. The factory includes Rotogravure 8 - color printing machine, Extruder, slitting & Automatic packaging machines.

Factory Hezar Aluminum -

H.A.I.C is one of the leading manufacturers of Aluminum products in Iran. Our company supplies the Aluminum products required in food, beverage, cosmetic, construction and pharmaceutical industries. Our developed production line includes three separate factories: 1- Casting & Rolling 2-Converting and 3- Aseptic facilities. All above facilities are located in a land area of ​​145,000 square meters in Kerman. We believe that quality is the most outstanding outcome of a successful company. Based on this principal, H.A.I.C has manufactured a wide range of Aluminum foils, coils & sheets under high quality and safety standards since its commencement of research & development activities in 2000. Committed to ensure better services, H.A.I.C, is advanced in manufacturing products by applying professional knowledge & continuous R&D. Our innovative thinking enabled us to achieve quality management certificate of ISO9001:2008.

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